What's this, you're not one of the three.

10/31/08 2:59 PM

Fable 2 is an Action-RPG in which ALL of your actions affect how good or evil your character is.

I feel that any review for this game can be summarized by two experiences I was privvy to being around.

The first can berst be portrayed by an insult. Hankes...the younger one, but not THE youngEST one: You know how I know you're gay? You had unprotected sex with a dude...in front of your third wife.

The second experience is a little bit better at describing how much this game pulls you in. I happen to know a certain B-Rizzle that quite literally spent ~16 hours playing Fable 2. Now by itself this doesn't seem like much, but when the fact that this was in a 24 hour period, yeah...

If I had to rate this game with fancy numbers or stars, I would give this game a "I blacksmithed for 2 hours straight at the smith at the beginning of the game."

That's right, fuck you plotline. I'm going to sit here pressing "A" until I become a 5-star blacksmith, then I might actually get around to you. However, I hear there are other professions as well...

If you're someone with "nothing else to do" I can safely say Fable 2 is a game that you may or may not want to play, but I must warn you: even heroin is afraid to touch this shit.