Saints Row 2

10/20/08 12:00 PM

Saints Row 2 is an over-the-top sandbox game. Everything in the game is there for one reason: fun.

Saints Row 2 may not be as pretty or have a “deep” story like the GTA series, but there certainly is a metric fuck-ton of things to do in this game. Speaking of things to do in game… I actually spent an entire hour using people as human shields and then throwing them off of or into various objects, and the strange thing is there is nearly no reason whatsoever for it…other than my own sick entertainment.

One of the major improvements to this title over its predecessor is the sheer amount of customization that has been added. You can nearly customize everything about your character all the way from voice to breast size… even for males… The customization extends so far as to let you customize your “cribs” and gang styles. Seriously, what the fuck is up with the term crib?

In the newest addition to the Saints Row franchise co-op has been added. Honestly, I was not able to try this out as split-screen was not an option; however from what I’ve been hearing co-op is a great addition as it is drop-in drop-out and any progress made with a friend counts towards your single player progress. Apparently there is also a mode called “cat and mouse” in which one player is given an attack helicopter and the other is placed in a sports car; the object being to see who can stay alive the longest in the sports car.

How can you not like a game where you are actually encouraged to try and cause as much bodily harm as possible while playing in traffic? That’s right you can’t, and if somehow you don’t like this game that makes you a commie. Yeah I said it, you’re a commie if you don’t like Saints Row 2 and the awesome known by many as NPH; who incidentally does the voice for a white Rastafarian. Fucking A, Neil Patrick Harris, and you get to shoot him… you’re intended to shoot him. That’s how good this game is.

“Don’t worry; I’m not going to kill you.” Imagine that coming from a Brit carrying a pump shotgun. That’s my toon…seconds before he blows your face off. Pure awesome, like clown dentists with chainsaws.

All in all buy this game if you like fun.