Army Of Two

03/17/08 3:00 PM

Let me start out by quoting Tim Buckley (CAD), "If you aren't playing it co-op, you're doing it wrong."

That really hits it on the head, the game kicks ass co-op. Having the ability to bitch out your incompetent friend because he sucks balls at providing covering fire, that's what this title is all about. My cousin AJ was my unfortunate teammate through this title. I won't go so far as to say he isn't good at these games, but he likes to die... a lot. However Army of Two "borrows" the ability to "heal" your wounded teammate, which was really our saving grace. If you get hit enough you go down, but unlike Gears you can still shoot enemies and enemies will still shoot you. While wounded your teammate has roughly ten seconds to get to you, to either drag you to safety or "heal" you on the spot. If you don't get there in time you die. This generally isn't an issue, but it does add a nice sense of urgency to some parts of the game. My only real gripe about the co-op is you get some pretty cool co-op abilities, but you really never need to use them. However, I'm sure that in the sequel/s to come that issue will be addressed. Also with the co-op you actually have to use the aggro system, which I'll talk about in a bit.

I sat down for a few minutes to try it single player.... not really a sound choice on my part, I'm going to blame Marylin Manson for my poor decision making there, he really hasn't been blamed for anything lately and I feel he could use some idiotic blame. But the single player is...ok, but it just doesn't feel right. You can issue simple commands to your AI teammate but for the most part he runs around doing his own thing, which like every other title where you could do this, leaves you having to kill EVERYTHING. This isn't entirely bad if you happen to be a complete looser without any friends. If you happen to be this looser, I highly suggest walking outside, into traffic if you'd like, otherwise I'd suggest going to your nearest game store and talking to some other dork, then force said dork to play Army of Two with you. You don't know what you're missing.

The aggro system doesn't really make sense if you look at it without playing the game, but it really works once you get to mess around with it. In short if one person goes all Rambo all enemies will focus on him, leaving the other player practically invisible, provided he stays out of direct line of sight of said enemies. Which really is useful for taking out the fucking turrets, seriously look out for those things they hurt, and not in the "yeah spank me you bitch" sort of hurt, but more along the lines of "Not in the eye, OH GOD IT BURNS!" Also it is useful for the guys with armor and bosses.

As a kind of side note, I guess the game does not have a local link co-op. So if for some reason you have 2 360's, 2 copies of AoT, and 2 TV's you're shit out of luck. You can only play co-op via Xbox live or split-screen. So really the only people I know that are affected by this would be the Penny Arcade guys. Sucks to be you... well, aside from the really successful webcomic/game/game convention.

I never tested out the online multiplayer modes, I don't have xbox live and I'm kind of hooked on COD:4 right now.

You should at the very least rent this game, it is kind of short, but definitely worth a look.

- Jesus