Tall Angry Monster

BLACKLISTED! (temporarily)

5/21/2009 4:00 PM

I know we've depicted stupid laws before, but those are actually stupid with no apparent purpose. I bumped into an annoying law this weekend that tries to have a purpose.

I walked into a liquor store this weekend, at the age of 26, with someone who is also 26. I wanted to be a little classier than normal so I picked up two bottles of Smoking Loon Viognier (read: white wine) and headed to the cashier. The cashier, the good employee that she was, carded me, and the person I was with. I had my ID, I was making the purchase, but the person I was with didn't have their ID.

NO SALE. It is the law.

I call shenanigans on this SHIT!

Let us sit down and discuss the intent of the law. They don't want to have minors coming in with those of drinking age and filling up a shopping cart and having all that alcohol bought for them. They card everyone in a group and if not everyone is of age, no sale. Problem solved, right? Sorry minors They don't believe you have discovered the concept of a fucking shopping list, and waiting in the car.

So, I'm pissed, I can't but any booze at the store for the rest of the day. There are aspects of this situation that just make no fucking sense at all.
1. The person who had no ID can come back with an ID and get whatever they want.
2. I can walk in there the next day and buy everything I wanted they day before no questions asked.

Just... fucking... ridiculous.

That is 2 Ls