Tall Angry Monster


4/28/2009 10:36 AM

I've been hearing a lot of cute comments regarding my lack rants lately, so allow me to address the situation. I'm Lazy. Also, my crapsicle of an employer has decided to offshore pretty much the entire division, saving the empire 10's of cents. Ah, the American Dream. There's nothing like rising the corporate ranks by screwing over people that actually work hard (That's why I didn't get laid off). The increased work load, more incompetent coworkers, and lack of FUCKING English around the cubes, may have (if its possible) made me slightly more bitter.

But enough of shit that actually matters. Let's gripe about Street Fighter 4, shall we? For a moment, lets put aside my complete inability to play this genre of game, and look at the glaringly obvious. Its a $60 title....Why? To see where you coin splurge is going, take a gander at this tantalizing feature list:
Cutting Edge 2D graphics.
Flash-like rendering
Classic backgrounds from the 1991 smash SNES title
Identical character roster (+4!)
Oddly familiar moves...

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a decent, or even oddly similar remake. But SF4's price tag makes even less sense than the overglorified HL2 mod, Left 4 Dead. Seriously, what was the development cost of this game? Like $18? If you need to get your Street Fighter on, go pick up the PS2 anniversary edition with that 5 spot you found in the urinal. Spend the other $55 on temporary tattoos and beer.

That is 2 Ls