Tall Angry Monster

Bauer Hour

2/17/2009 10:36 AM

An anonymous friend of mine, lets call this roommate... "Ken S", is into some questionable games. Lately, he's been all about the "24" drinking game. Or as we've come to call it "Split Screen". Why? Because if you can watch 15 seconds of the show without encountering a split screen, its an act of God.

You know why there is a drinking game for this show? Because a sober man would tear his eyes out before finishing an episode. With the exception of Ultra Violet (to which I suggest a drinking game called "What the fuck"), I've never seen a plot so horrifyingly terrible. To quote Peter Venkman, this one takes the taco.

Things I've learned from "24":

1. A whole lot of shit goes down in an hour
2. The entire United States is behind one irrecplaceable firewall.
3. Pilots lack the ability to look at their window.
4. Terrorists are everywhere.
5. There might actaully be something worse than American Idol on TV.

That is 2 Ls