Tall Angry Monster

Musicals are Overrated

1/27/2009 10:36 AM

No rant for the title, it just needed to be said... Vacation was great. I left Minneapolis in -25 F weather, and arrived to a balmy 80 degree Mexico. $6 bottles of tequilla, blue ocean waters, white sandy beaches, and telenovelas were all great, but I did miss a few things about home. A few songs without horns would have been nice, maybe I even missed the mullets a little. But mostly, I just missed my "man clean" (by which I mean, its clean enough for a dude) bathroom.

Lets just say the unique and delicious Mexican cuisine isn't quite as enjoyable on the way out. That in itself can be an upleasant experience, but follow that up with some not so sanitary facilities and antiquated septic systems, and the situation rises to a whole new level of excellence.

For those of you that have never been outside of the resorts in Mexico, the average toilet (or the pipes beneath, I don't really care which is the culprit) cannot handle toilet paper. That's right, there's no flushing those tainted wipes. Into the convenient toilet side waste basket they go. Top that off with some chronic... issues... and you've got one nasty (mixing metaphors?) equation.

That said, I still enjoyed the trip, probably a little more than my lady friend who regrettably ate some...unforgiving seafood.

On a explanatary (I don't care if that's a word, I'm using it) I've been informed that the inaugaration misshap was not the new president's fault. Apparently the guy reading the script screwed it up first, which threw off Obama. Either way, It'd be unamerican not laugh a little. Because making fun of people is the american thing to do. Or is that French? I forget.

That is 2 Ls