Tall Angry Monster


1/8/2009 10:36 AM

Its a new year, but I'm still doing the same crap. No delusions of resolutions this year. I'm pretty much awesome anyway, right?

I'm still trying to justify buying Call of Duty: World at War, which surprise surprise (no that's not a typo) is another Treyarch stinker. I know the game had to be another WW II saga, which has been done to death, but I can forgive a weak story line. Buggy game play, Jethro stupid missions, and piss poor multiplayer maps are another matter. So, once again, I'm feeling a little buyer's remorse. Only Infinity Ward versions from now on.

My roommate and I have come into some disagreement over Fable II. I maintain it was a huge letdown, while he worships the game's weak sauce. Maybe he just like this his character can actually get some. If I had to pick one beef, I'd say the ridiculously easy combat (which is like 70% of the game) bores me. But maybe that's why my simpleton of roommate enjoyed it so. Its hard to fail. Metro's other favorites include: Rock Band: No fail mode and musical chairs with more chairs than people.

I've also begun sinking some time into Fallout 3. No complaints there. Its challenging enough, interesting, and there's lots to explore...also good qualities in a lady...What?

That is 2 Ls