Tall Angry Monster

Happy New Year

1/1/2009 10:36 AM

Aside from the usual laziness, we're having some troubles this week. I'm sure our many avid readers have noticed our lack of a comic or two. There's been some vacation time, but we'll get back on the ball. Don't worry, we're not becoming VGCats.

As for this last comic, it views fine in Firefox, but nothing else. I blame QWERTY and you for this one, and will take no personal responsibility. Why? If you weren't such a tool, you wouldn't be using IE. And QWERTY is to blame because some jackass decided to place the '\' character next to the enter key. As you may have guessed, accidentally including the forbidden character in the title, is causing some issues. I'd remove it, but conveniently, the server refuses to let me modify the file.

Last time I pulled this genious maneuver Russell used "Power" to fix the situation. As I'm not sure what "Power" means, WHERE ARE YOU RUSS??? FIX IT!!!

And the new year is off to a great start...

That is 2 Ls