Tall Angry Monster


11/05/2008 10:36 AM

Fail. Epic Fail. At least for ol' Blinky. Now that its all over, I'm going to miss hearing about Joe the Plumber all the time. True, his name isn't really Joe. And no, he's not a licensed plumber. But damn, I'm going to miss his insightful... wait...I'll miss his respectful...Nevermind. It doesn't matter, I think we all learned what's really important from this election. Obama is a baby eating terrorist and McCain is a racist ninja warrior. No? Fuck it.

Its time to put that shit behind us and worry about something useful now. GAMING SEASON. Its on like the distant future of muthafuggin donkey kong. I'm already prepping my swift gaming reflexes with some intense training. In between whoring around my fat chick in Fable 2, I'm repeating Gears over and over. A side of Red Alert 3, and I may or may not be playing some Lego Indian Jones too. You know, for uh, a cool down.

Enough said. Quit reading this crap and go play.

That is 2 Ls