Tall Angry Monster

Lazius Maximus

10/15/2008 11:44 AM

If you've noticed that my links are sometimes off, I can explain that. I'm a computer programmer, but have yet to master basic html and counting. But hey, even evil geniuses have their slow days.

Russell is once again a little behind on his comic, but enjoy this one some more in the mean time. I even went Latin on that bitch.

To make up for our complete lack of worth, we've managed to con one our nerdy cohorts into writing fantastical game reviews. With astounding qualifications, Seņor Becker (or as he prefers it, "Jesus") will make an excellent addition to the team. He spends more time gaming than anyone I know, frequently strings together n (two or more) complete sentences, and most importantly, works for free. I couldn't ask for a better candidate... except maybe actual Jesus. But wasn't he more of a carpenter anyway?

Anyway, give some of the upcoming reviews a read. Since you know we're not getting paid by ANYone, there's no lame ass bias in our reviews.

~Does not compute~

Also, this made me laugh my ass off. I guess I'm just easily amused.

That is 2 Ls