Tall Angry Monster


10/15/2008 11:44 AM

Perhaps elevator stupidity isn't the funniest thing in the world, but I have to deal with it every day. And now I'm making YOU deal with it. Of course, by 'making you', I mean "you're bored enough to continue reading whatever literary excrement I've spewed into this poorly constructed html".

Back to the subject at hand. People are idiots. Everyday, I see some fat sack of crap take the elevator to the second floor. As much as I love standing next to a sweaty dude that smells like balls and T-Bell (often the same smell), I gotta say it. Hey Tubbo, take the fucking stairs. I know sitting in your cubicle all day is hard work, but so is recovering from being assaulted with a laptop.

Further exacerbating my mental anguish are the overzealous button pushing nimrods. Nevermind that 3 other people have already selected that particular floor, the button pusher needs to select it again. What's even more concerning, is that I work in an IT building. Who's hiring the guy that can't work an eleveator?

I'm feeling a little too Seinfeld here (What's the deal with elevators?), so I'll stop. But be weary annoying ass elevator users. You've been warned. Tomorrow I begin Phase 1: Slowly poisoning you. Mwahahahahahaha

*End Transmission*

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