Tall Angry Monster


10/07/2008 11:44 AM

Why yes, it has been a while since I've written a Rant. Thanks for noticing. You may have also noticed that many of our recent comics have been in graph form. So let me be the first to relay this shocking news... I've been busy.

I recently bought a house, because it seemed like a good idea. Stocks are plummetting, the economy is crumbling, jobs are disappearing... basically a great time to incur massive debt. 15 million signatures, two sacrificial offerings, and a kidney later, I own a 58 year old home. Having finished that business, I might have some free time again.

Aside from that, our cheap (Read: Free) out-sourced artist, has been having some troubles with the Korean government. Since he seems to have avoided deportation, it looks like we might begin receiving new art again.

And lastly, Russell is just lazy. Really I blame him for everything. Besides, according to my baseless calculations, the average Waiting To Respawn reader appreciates charts and graphs. At least our readers can probably interpret them. That's probably more than I can say for the average American. Not sure about the rest of our worldly readers, but as an American, I don't acknowledge the existence of the rest of the world anyway.

- Mike

... And don't act like you've never gotten a stupid pie piece stuck before.

That is 2 Ls