Tall Angry Monster

If You Really Cared...

09/09/2008 11:44 AM

Hell yeah I would if I cared! Car accident? Surprise visit from mom? Life threatening disease? Zombie invasion? Those are all unnaceptable excuses for not seeing your woman. Because if you really cared, you'd make time. Pull a Quami (Captain Planet's most bad ass Planeteer) and bust out the power of "heart" to make some shit happen. Use some fucking unicorn magic. Kick Einstein's corpse in the nuts (thus breaking the laws of physics). There's always some way to see your woman.

What's that? This is REALITY where men don't have super human fuckin comic book ass abilities? Oh shit. Well then, maybe we're all screwed when something totally legitimate comes up. I say "we", of course, because I'm pretty certain no ladies ever read this comic. Then again, I'm guessing about 85% of our viewership doesn't have girlfriends, or wives anyway. And no, robots, and blow up dolls do not count as a girlfriend. But don't worry about it, we've all been through that phase.

Back to the point. What's up with the ladies and not being so understanding? I mean, you forget one birthday and a few holidays, and suddenly its like, "You don't care about me". I mean, I let it go when you chewed with your mouth open that one time. Get over it already. Right?

- Mike

That is 2 Ls