Tall Angry Monster

For Serious You Guys

09/02/2008 11:44 AM

Everybody's asking, "Mike, what's the deal? No crazy rant this week?". "Were you just being lazy? Yes. Yes I was. Everyone has the right to be lazy on their birthday. I bet you just forgot it was my birthday. Maybe you should have considered that before giving me shit.

If you remembered my b-day and gave me a sweet ass gift, bought me a beer, or intend to in the future, I hope you enjoyed this very technical diagram. It highlights the stress, and technical responsibilities required of sophisticated IT men like myself. If you don't have the nearly unatainable 5 year degree in Computer Science. I can attempt to explain the flow chart in more simple terms, though, I doubt you'd be able to comprehend it without at least a rudimentary understanding of Calculus, Physics, and the Time Space Continuum.

On that note, if you also find yourself contemplating the unimaginable odds of a comic being posted late on several occasions, that too can be attributed to the Time Space Continuum. Simply put:
T = (d/ ^ e)/ (c * i ^2)

Where T is time, and c approaches the limit of BS, and i is a number that doesn't exist, but we use it anyway. Basically, on days where Russell is responsible for comic posting, there is a flucuation in time localized entirely in his kitchen. No, you may not see it.

On a seperate note. For the second time in my life, I heard someone use the phrase "for serious", in a "for serious" manner. Few things inflict mental pain quite like those words. I retaliate with "Dood, your such a looser". Stew on that, biotch.

- Mike

That is 2 Ls