Tall Angry Monster

Happy Valentine's Day

02/14/2008 7:26 AM

Hanging out in Utah is totally worth it if you snowboard or ski. They have the best snow I have ever run into so far. Very dry and powdery, perfect for riding. Keep in mind that Utah is a very different state. While there you might find that they have some very odd liquor laws. Since drinkers are very creative when a law is trying to bar them from getting a drink, just look at the paper bag, the laws in Utah are circumvented in some creative ways.

I'd like to dedicate this year's Valentine's day to the Mormons, who, with some sort of divine con, got an entire society to believe in not in polygamy, but just polygyny. Iím not down with this kind of activity, one person is hard enough to handle. I know that most Mormons have since given up this practice, but I feel they still yearn for it.

- Russell

That is 2 Ls