Tall Angry Monster

Special Wiiners

08/07/2008 11:44 AM

I like a lot of things about the Wii. In fact, I like so many things, it's tought to pick a favorite. I love the lack of support for any form of HD. Effectively making the Wii a Game Cube with new controllers. But who didn't love the Game Cube? I also love the lack of support for lag issues with LCD and Plasma televisions. Because, who's buying those anyway? Besides its fun having to swing half second early for everything. But probably my most favoritest feature ever is the way Nintendo makes me feel special.

Throw in any game, and you're always treated a handful of lovely warning messages. "Hey genius, in case you didn't see the last 4,000 messages, put on that wrist strap. We understand if you haven't masterd holding onto shit yet" or "Jack ass, make sure you've got some space to play in, so you don't break your crap". Though it's not solely for Nintendo's audience, I still love those "You better not be playing this if you're not old enough!" messages. Yeah, because kids are definitely going to say "Oh shit, I'm not old enough to play this! I'd better go play something else." Good thing somebody thought of the children.

Obviously Nintendo has done something right, because they're making serious coin. $Texas kind of coin. But they're target audience consists of at least a few short bus riding folk. I just want to play my game without the 4,000 r-tard proof warning messages. Is that so wrong?

- Mike

If you didn't get the "Call of Duty: 50,000 people used to live here" reference, play COD4 a few times and you'll get it. EVERYTIME you play the game the little intro clip starts immediately, until those words are painfully drilled into our tiny little brains. As Metro recently suggested, they should just change the name of the game.

That is 2 Ls