Tall Angry Monster

Snipers and Tacos

07/30/2008 4:44 PM

I've said it before, but I seriously hate snipers. They're the tea bag in the mouth of any shoot em' up (Them's fancy words for FPS). I know its crazy fun sitting in the same spot waiting for people to walk in front of your scope. And I know it takes so much skill to pull the trigger like 10 times because you can't hit the giant zoomed in target. And man its fun hitting people at the respawn. Maybe I'm just jealous. Or maybe I just hate waiting to respawn... wait.

The point is sniping is for mentally challenged asshats. As such, I've made it my personal mission to piss all over these wieners gaming experience. Epicly. Is that a word? It is now bitches. I'm kind of like that annoying guy from the Dog Whisper. Everytime I hear a sniper rifle, I'm in the going *pssht*, throwin smoke grenades, backstabbing, and eating tacos. Because tacos are delicious. Beware.

Besides, its kind of like GTA IV. Once you've found the hooker, don't you want some variety?... Well... maybe...I'll get back to you on that one...

- Mike
Also Balls.

That is 2 Ls