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06/19/2008 7:36 AM

A few months ago I spent some time in Vancouver where I had the pleasure of meeting the ideal bum. Not to be an insensitive clod, but normally bums piss me off. These crap monsters are always asking me, "Hey man, got any money?" To which I respond "Why yes I do. Its amazing how much people will pay for a homeless man's organs."

I read an article once stating that the average homeless guy makes more than I do. Maybe it was on wikipedia. If wikipedia said it, it must be true. Right? Seriously though, I've seen some of these guys wearing nicer clothes than me. I've also seen beggers in wheel chairs collect a few bucks, then roll around the corner set the chair aside and walk into a bar.

The moral: I hate being asked for money by smelly strangers. Do it, and I will collect your liver. This guy, however, was awesome. Not only did he NOT ask for money, but this musical sensation was the only interesting thing I saw in Vancouver. Yeah, yeah, I know there's mountains and crap, but I'm referring to the city itself. I live in the midwest, which is like the most boring place in the universe, and even we have more culture than Vancouver. I know it's Canada, but even so, that's pathetic.

Back to the point, a musical with a bunch of crazy bums would be awesome. Screw 'Cats' and 'Rent', (which are awful, awful things to put a man through) I want to see 'Bum!'

- Mike

- Update. I've FINALLY figured out what the tune was the guy was singing to. Its "The Ants Go Marching On"

That is 2 Ls