Tall Angry Monster


05/23/2008 5:36 PM

Apparently Bioshock is finally out for PS3, have at it, it's a great game. Although there are some strange eating habits.

On to more annoying things. As I'm sure many of you noticed the site was down for a day a while back. I use the word "down" lightly. To more accurately describe it would be, ripped out of the very tendrils of the internet by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the RIAA's political bullshit. You're probably thinking now, "Hey, are you guys stealing from the record industry?" and I'll come right out and say "I plead the fifth."

Apparently the issue was that I was backing up most of my copyrighted material on the web server, hosted by some unnamed company. It wasn't in a public place, it wasn't available to the public in any form, but according to the law, "I must prove that I have the right to distribute" before even a single byte of copyrighted material can be tucked away in the corner of the web-space, That no one but me has access to. I am furious with this "law". This act has taken "innocent until proven guilty" and mutated it, through some awful inbreeding of dirty money, back door dealings and paranoia, to be "guilty until proven innocent."

This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach. Not the good fuzzy feeling, mind you. The fuzzy feeling you get after a night of drinking and eating spicy burritos. Definitely a feeling that there’s some shit that needs to be purged.

I wanted the site back up so I "complied" and removed all the copyrighted content from the server. Coincidentally there is now a very large file entitled "Not Copyrighted Material" with no file extension. If one wanted to see what was inside one would have to decrypt it with a personal adaptation of the Huffman compression intermingled with RSA encryption, with a some secret spices.

I can't give everything away.

That is 2 Ls