Tall Angry Monster

Real Hackers

05/15/2008 7:36 AM

Watching movies like "Hackers", reading entirely too much Slashdot, and being a nerd, have often left me to wondering how I'd fare as a hacker. After several recent bouts, the word "crappy" comes to mind.

True, I didn't really do anything hackerish. I mean its not really hacking if you don't create any flashy talking viruses (and somehow store them on a single floppy disk). And I did't have an abundance of sexy women chasing me. And of course I didn't have any intense heart pounding adventures dodging bullets. So I suppose what I really did was trying to guess passwords, figure out account names, and study the victim. I even managed to get some action from his woman.

Granted the victim was me...but still I worked really hard to remember my stupid Sprint password. Seriously I have to remember like eleventy passwords, and usernames. How am I supposed to handle all of that? I'm not made of geniusonium. Well, I am actually, but still.

I ended up spending my lunch break at a Sprint store talking to some random low level phone peddling monkey. Weak, I know. Worse still, I seriously think I forgot my password again.

- Mike

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